Neural Networks Respository

PS: If you are interested to add content to this repository, please email us. Advanced Algorithms For Neural Networks.
             A C++ Sourcebook. Book Disk Backprop neural net w/adaptive learning rate   (DOS,UNIX,MAC) Back-Propagation Simulation pk   (DOS only) Update to BPS100.ZIP, Back-Prop       Perceptron simulator WIN3: Backprop Neural Network simulator. DEMO  Neural network simulation with GUI and OCR Traveling salesman problem, PASCAL A back prop neural net system W/ C src Neocognitron ANN for OCR & Pattern Maker w/GU Source to neural networks.              DOS package for classification neural network  DOS/Windows pkg for classification neural net   DOS package for mapping neural networks  DOS/Windows package for mapping neural nets Backprop network for Win3.1 w/TP source & doc

nn& Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic
             Applications in C/C++, Book Disk

nn&  Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic Applications
             in C/C++. Book Disk. Turbo Vision UI, Feed-
             forward network files, Genetic algorithms,
             Chaotic dynamics, Financial data modeling,
             Broom dynamics, Hopfield network, Fuzzy logic
             control & Genetic model Neural Network Computing, Book Disk      ANN simulator with 256 neurons     (v1.4) NNDT - Win Neural Network Tool
             Tool for training and evaluation of feed-
             forward and recurrent neural networks. 
             Levenberg-Marquardt method used for training.
             Graphical user interface with setup windows
             for specification of network parameters. 
             Routines for graphical presentation of node 
             activ. etc. during training. Windows 3.1.
             Free for personal and educational use.
             Bjorn Saxen, A very visual representation of a neural net Neural Network
             Frequently Asked Questions C source library/tutorial for neural networks Shell for multiple neural networks mgmt. w/sr Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis.
             Book Disk.  Perceptron ANN Active Prolog Tutor v1.00b, Disk 1/2, 2/2.
             (Include Disk)